Cookieless targeting

Move Beyond Cookies in 2024

With Google introducing cookieless targeting in 2024, adapting to the shift away from third-party cookies is no longer a choice but a necessity.

So what does a cookieless future entail?

Consumers are increasingly wary of being tracked. As user privacy regulations tighten, marketers and business owners are at a pivotal moment. As we embark on a future without third-party cookies, the time has come to reassess our digital advertising strategies.

Understanding Cookies
Cookies are small files sent by websites to your device. Cookies are designed to remember essential information about you like preferences, shopping cart items, and login details.

First-Party Cookies
When you visit a website, it places a first-party cookie on your browser. This cookie remembers your on-site activity without tracking your activity on other websites.

Third-Party Cookies
However, many sites also store third-party cookies, allowing social media companies, advertisers, and other entities to track your online activity across different sites.

It is time to explore the most effective ways for you to continue to reach your audience without third-party cookies. Data enhancing strategies combined with multiple forms of highly targeted audience building can allow you to continue to find and reach new and existing audiences.

Cookiesless Targeting

5 strategies to reach your audience without cookies.

1. Data Enrichment

Say farewell to data gaps and hello to enhanced insights. Data enrichment services can empower you to delve deep into your audience. Through demographic (B2C) or firmagraphic (B2B) data appends, you can create personalized segments and uncover more of your best-performing customers.

2. Social Media Targeting

Leverage social media platforms to reach your audience directly. Through our Social Profile append, you can find up to 98% of your customers online—no follows or likes required.

3. Location-Based Marketing

Geotargeting technology allows you to deliver timely and relevant messaging based on your customers' physical location. Meet them where they gather with messaging that resonates. Learn more about Granular Targeting services here.

4. Omnichannel Marketing

Coordinated omnichannel campaigns provide multiple touch points through Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media. Omni Mail helps our clients reach their audiences, complete with a marketing dashboard to optimize performance over time.

5. Turnkey Sales Solutions

If you need to generate qualified leads, Sales Machine is like adding a sales department to your efforts. Let us do the work of finding targets actively seeking your products or services, qualify leads on your behalf, and set up appointments with only the most promising prospects.

With the tightening of data privacy restrictions, marketers and business owners need to identify strategies to engage their audiences. This is where enriched data, targeted audience building and personalized messaging can improve the customer experience and allow you to win customers in a cookieless future.

Win Customers in a Cookiesless Future

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