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The Anatomy of Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail is a powerful tool for reaching your audience. Learn how to create direct marketing campaigns that grab attention and drive meaningful engagement and results.

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How to create an effective Direct Mail Postcard

Direct mail postcards offer a tangible and personalized way to connect with your audience. Compared to the  0.12% response rate of Digital Ads, Direct Mail Postcards have a 4.4% response rate. This means Direct Mail is 10-30 times more effective.

Follow these direct mail campaign best practices:

1. Define your Goal
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Clearly outline your goal for your direct mail postcard. Whether you're aiming to boost sales, promote an event, or drive traffic to your website, a well-defined objective will guide your entire campaign strategy.

2. Craft a Persuasive Message
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Words matter. Craft compelling and concise messaging that addresses your audience's needs. Highlight the benefits of your offer, creating a sense of urgency that compels recipients to take action.

3. Make it Personal
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Personalization adds an individualized touch that resonates. Variable data allows you to include recipients' names and offers based on their preferences. Your postcard will be more relatable and engaging.

4. Clear Call to Action (CTA)
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Choose a CTA that is easy and will benefit for your audience. Simply collecting an email address in exchange for an offer of value to your prospect is often the most effective campaign goal. Once you have made contact, you can continue to build your relationship.

5. Targeted Data
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A little work on your mail list is well worth the investment. Define your audience, cleanup your data and reduce costs with a targeted mail list. Send only to the people likely to be interested in your offer. You will lower your campaign costs by reducing the size of your mailing list.

6. Test, Learn, Optimize
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Experiment with different designs, offers and CTAs. Use QR codes and personalized pURLs to track your campaign response rates. Analyze your data, and refine future campaigns to improve your response rates!

Build your audience with Direct Mail

With practice, direct marketing will increase the size of your audience and convert more prospects into paying customers!

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