About Us

We're an end-to-end data-driven advertising agency. We were founded with the mission of helping companies grow through smarter advertising.

Our Story

Our company started with $500, a Mac workstation, an abundance of hustle and the same amount of grit. Nothing was predetermined and everything had to be invented.  We took each win with a healthy dose of setbacks, but built things up just the same, bit by bit. By the time we had a chance to look back, there was a production facility, employees, a nationwide customer base. We were learning to run things, not just do them. If you run your own business, you know what I’m talking about. Your hands are in it, your sweat, your anxiety, and you take the leaps anyway.

In the process, you learn how to learn. Evolution is no longer a theory, but a way of life.

For us, this never stopped, never plateaued. Our graphics operation grew into a printing plant, then added a mail house, then a data list service, then workflow management, and finally campaign management capacities that brought us to the marketing technology services we provide today.

We got really good at folding technologies in, bending them to our will, and sculpting them into the right the size and shape for small businesses.

We turned basic resources into highly leveraged tools. Doing more with what you have, a lot more. Your small business can communicate like a big business. That’s what we deliver.
We've helped our clients launch over 800 Direct Marketing Campaigns.
We've helped over 600 companies reach their business goals.
28+ yrs
We have over 28 years of experience helping companies grow.
“I did not know, what I did not know."

Sharpdots has implemented marketing strategies for my business, I did not even know I needed.

Karen K.,
Insights to Growth
Daily update: 7/17/2020: While physically distanced, we are making every effort to maintain the health of your vital communications. To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, our marketing and service team work remotely, while our production staff works on a rotational schedule. -The Sharpdots Team