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Online to offline advertising services to help small businesses communicate like big businesses and grow.

Our Services


- Geotargeting
- Data Modeling
- Machine Learning
- Behavioral Targeting
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- Segment Personalization
- Automated Messaging
- Triggered Direct Marketing
- Lead Nurture, Life of lead
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- Sample Distribution
- Personalized Print
- Dimensional Print
- Packaging & Fulfillment
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- Sales Automation
- Custom Dashboards
- Attribution
- Optimization
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Grow your mailing list size by generating quality leads.

  • Build psychographic profiles to define target buyers
  • Leverage geotargeting to target specific profiles
  • Model your data to identify market opportunities
  • Use machine learning to automate lead generation
  • Identify leads based on behavioral insights
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Build quality relationships with your potential customers.

  • Segment your customer list based on psychographic data
  • Automate personalized messaging to various segments
  • Set up various triggers for direct marketing campaigns
  • Nurture high quality leads to increase conversion rates
  • Identify inefficiencies in your lead conversion process
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Increase your conversions using custom campaigns.

  • Automate your sales process to increase conversions
  • Build custom dashboard to monitor sales analytics
  • Optimize areas in sales process lowering conversion
  • Analyze sales attribution data to identify best channels
  • Design custom campaigns with online and offline touch-points
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Leverage smart direct mail campaign to stand out.

  • Combine your online and offline ad campaigns to work together
  • Send direct mail samples to people based on online activity
  • Personalize marketing materials based on segmentation data
  • Design dimensional print projects to stand out in mailboxes
  • Offload packaging and fulfillment work
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“From print to technical solutions they facilitate the most effective way for your clients to communicate.”

Michael A.,
M.A. Communcations

“Their work is first-rate, their turnaround time is excellent, and their customer service is top-notch.”

Mike K.,
University of California Riverside

“Their custom quotes are very helpful. Great customer service.”

Gretchen M.,
Greta Design
Daily update: 7/17/2020: While physically distanced, we are making every effort to maintain the health of your vital communications. To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, our marketing and service team work remotely, while our production staff works on a rotational schedule. -The Sharpdots Team