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See how we increased new customer conversions by 10.3% using our Anonymous Web Visitors service


A national, lighting designer, manufacturer and distributor ran a three month campaign through our Anonymous Web Visitors service. An emphasis was placed on targeting the designer’s website visitors that displayed high engagement with specific product categories such as portable lighting, fixture lighting, furniture, etc. Based on the substantial level of organic and paid traffic the site experienced, we wanted to identify only the most valuable prospects who visited the website.


Using our Anonymous Web Visitors services, we segmented their website visitors into highly defined audiences. The strategy was to segment users into two groups, designating them as either current customers or prospective customers. Based on site visit patterns and 3rd party data overlays, we qualified proactive customers in a manner that showed us only those most likely to make a purchase.


By capturing anonymous visitor web traffic, we were able to implement a strategy designed to organize and catalog specific SKU numbers for the large scale home lighting company. In addition, we were able to match pages viewed by web visitors to the 300k+ product SKUs from the client website and customize their data management platform to include an image of the products that were viewed online.


By leveraging the advanced analytic tools available through our Anonymous Web Visitors service, we were able to identify top prospects, and deliver a direct mail piece with an offer specific to them. They were able to tap into the anonymous visitors on their site, far surpassing their sales goals.

• $2.9 million in total sales
• 18% conversion rate from previous customers
• 10.3% conversion rate from new customers


You have already invested heavily to drive traffic to your website. Anonymous visitors are an untapped source of prospects that already know your brand. Through our Anonymous Web Visitor service you can reach 15-30% more of the prospects that visit your site. When identified, targeted and nurtured, they become a new stream of customers.

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