Generating Qualified Leads

Learn how we used a Direct Marketing Campaign to gain over 30K impressions for a youth savings program


Our client provides youth-focused programs to financial institutions, specifically targeting credit unions. They create educational videos to help young people understand the value of money and saving. Their programs include some of the most engaging materials on the market.


They were successful in closing accounts when in direct communication with their customers. As a small company, the challenge was to scale this activity to reach a national list of credit unions and identify qualified leads within a large field of prospects.

Our client wanted to deliver an ad campaign that would capture the attention of both users and decision makers at credit unions. They needed a cost effective way to find new customers and clients with a strong interest in buying their advertised educational programs.


Here's how we delivered a comprehensive campaign. A mail list of credit unions was developed. The names of C-level executives were appended to the data when possible. From this list of physical addresses, the IP addresses to the credit unions were matched. We ran a digital ad campaign for a period of four weeks, during which time, employees at the credit union would see ads for the client’s offer.

Simultaneously, a physical mailer that addressed C-level executives, was scheduled to be delivered at the two week mark of the campaign. During the campaign, prospects could click through to the client’s offer via the digital ads served directly to devices in their workplace.


Ultimately, our client was able to generate qualified leads for the first time through a system, rather than through individual cold-calling efforts. A match-back report at the end of the campaign allowed our client to see which of their leads and conversions were as a direct result of the campaign.

A total of 30,306 impressions were achieved by the end of the campaign, delivered to precise targets.


There are many solutions that can help you target hard-to-reach prospects. A coordinated campaign of targeted digital ads and Direct Mail presents a serious opportunity for marketers to reach audiences at work or at home persistently and accurately.

Find out how to get in front of the right people.

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