Reaching Donors Digitally

Learn how Sharpdots increased the average donation amount for Kosair Charities by 172.84%


Kosair Charities is one of the largest nonprofit enterprises in the city of Louisville. They enhance the health and well-being of over 100,000 children every year “by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy.” Kosair gives millions to families in need throughout Kentucky, and relies heavily on private donations to keep their mission alive.


Kosair Charities' past donors were their most reliable source of donations. Much like for profit businesses, they tended to achieve their highest conversion rates by targeting previous donors rather than investing in acquiring new donors. With an upcoming seasonal campaign in mind, they wanted to find a way to target past donors directly and digitally.


Through our Location Based Ads service, we were able to match their past donors' physical addresses to their home IP addresses. From there, we were able to serve digital ads promoting donations to Kosair Charities directly into the homes of past donors.


The donations from those targeted through our Location Based Ad campaign far surpassed the results of those whom we did not target. Overall, Kosair Charities was able to far exceed their donation goals.

• 11.152% Conversion Rate
• $52,094 in total donations
• $90.44 average donation
• Increase in average donation amount: 172.84%


Many non-profits diversify their fundraising efforts by creating a digital strategy to drive donations. Appealing to past donors digitally through their home devices was a highly effective strategy for boosting donations. Through a donor mailing list, non-profits can already create powerful digital marketing campaigns to target and convert past donors.

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